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Doing Good Things for Great People

Living a good life means different things to different people. For some, it may be living as independently as possible; for others, it simply means spending time interacting with the world around them. Just as goals vary from person to person, so do the paths to achieving them.

At Good Life Services, we aspire to help individuals in West Central Minnesota reach their personal “good life” goals by identifying their needs and helping to fulfill them, as well as recognizing their strengths and building off them with our home and community-based services.

Through person centered best practice:

In-home Family Support
Independent Living Skills Training
Individualized Home Supports
Semi-independent Living Skills
Supported Living Service for Adults
Employment Development Services/Employment Support Services

Our Services

Grocery Shopping
Social Activities
Community Events

Employment Assistance
Everyday Living Skills (ADLS)

Services Provided 

ILS and SILS: Independent Living Skills Training (ILS) and Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS) involves staff working closely with the client to help them reach their individual goals. Hands-on and milestone driven, we take advantage of every opportunity to promote maximum independence.

SLS: Supported Living Services (SLS) assists individuals with limitations who currently live independently. This may include help scheduling appointments, connecting with community resources, and daily living tasks which create a safe and sanitary home environment. Promoting good decision-making practices and encourage job placement.

Respite Care: Caregivers receive a much-needed break, and individuals enjoy engaging activities with our respite care staff either in or out of the home setting.

Employment Services: A member of our trained staff will accompany the individuals to work and provide direction which will help the client develop a sense of purpose as they succeed at their job. In addition, staff assists with long term career planing and success.

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